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Is your computer acting strangely?

Are you having a hard time getting the hang of the computer but don't have anyone knowledgeable to ask for help?

Do you have viruses, trojans, or spyware on your computer that you can't seem to get rid of?

Are you having a hard time installing your printer, scanner, webcam, or other peripherals?

Do you want to upgrade your memory, hard drive, processor, or other internal hardware?

Do you need help setting up or using eBay, PayPal, Yahoo! Auctions, or other types of web services or software?

Do you need your wireless network set up, or to make it secure?

Do you need some one-on-one help learning how to navigate through your computer and learn how the darn thing works?

If you live in the Menominee, Michigan / Marinette, WI area, I can help!

A computer geek will arrive on your doorstep ready to help with any computer issues you're having.

Please see my menu of services and rates below:

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Please note:
The clock starts when I leave the office, and stops when I return to the office.

Small Office Demonstration (2-4 employees): $100.00/hour
If you are a small office of up to 4 people, I will come to your office and give you a group demonstration of basic computer and/or Internet techniques, and spend time on a Q & A session so that you may ask specific questions.

Private Tutoring (individual): $25.00/hour
If you want private lessons to learn about how to use your compute and/or the Internet (such as learning how to use particular programs or websites like as Paypal, eBay etc), I can give you one-on-one private tutoring in your home or office!

Basic Tech Support: $35.00/hour
If you need peripherals and their drivers installed (such as printers, scanners, webcams, etc) or for other types of software installation and configuration. (client must provide all CD's or Disks that came with their hardware, or inform me ahead of time so I can download them)

Computer Rx Services: $45.00/hour
If your computer has viruses, Trojans, spyware, etc. that need to be removed, to install anti-spyware programs and other protective software, or if you need to re-install Windows and all of your software. (client must provide their own copy of Windows and all other custom software they would like installed).

Hardware Installation or Upgrades: $55.00/hour
if you need me to bring your computer home with me so that I can use use my full toolkit including anti-static equipment, and take your computer apart, install new hardware, or upgrade your computer (such as putting in more memory, a new hard drive, a CD-ROM or DVD Burner, TV/AVI card, etc) then this is the package for you! I can also install a networking card and set up a secure wireless (or wired) network for you. (client is responsible for purchasing all hardware needed for repairs, upgrades and networking. Hardware should be purchased prior to the house call, or we can research prices and purchase it on your behalf. (client must pre-pay by cash or check before we will purchase any hardware).

Custom Built Computers: $95.00/hour
We will build your computer from scratch! Tell us what you want, and we will purchase the hardware, the case, the peripherals, and other equipment needed, and put it all together for you in our office! After your computer is built, we will test it to make sure there are no problems with any of the hardware. Then, we'll install Windows. Next, we connect to the internet and download all windows updates, security patches, and anti-spyware programs to get your computer off to the right start, as well as any other software that you require. Client must pre-pay for all related hardware and provide their own copy of windows and other software. For an idea of the cost in labor, it takes roughly 2-4 hours to build a computer from scratch, which is billed at the rate of $95/hour. (This time will vary depending on what kind of motherboard, case, and other hardware you purchase, and how complex the motherboard is, as well as how many things in the case need to be hooked up to it). Then, it takes roughly 6 hours to install windows, download and install the latest service packs, security patches, and updates, install anti-spyware software, and install any other software you require, all of which is billed at the Basic Tech Support rate of $35/hour.

Milwaukee Web Design

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