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  About our SEO and Search Engine Marketing Services

If you have a website, but no internet customers and no search engine traffic, we can help! We are experts in Search Engine Marketing, and offer a variety of services which are designed to help you bring in new customers from search engines and other websites.

We understand that every website is different, so we offer several different search engine marketing options and packages:

For an example of what we could do for you, go to Google and do a search for "milwaukee web design". Green Web Design is listed on the front page in a search that returns over 11.3 million results. Would you rather be lost somewhere in the middle (or even at the end) of a list of 11.3 million, or would you rather be among the top results? Let us help you rise above the huddled masses and into the top search results for your keyphrases in Google, Yahoo, and MSN!

Best of all, unlike most other SEO companies, at Green Web Design, we are skilled professional website designers with many happy clients. We have designed and marketed over 300 websites for our own clients and for ourselves, and we have perfected our SEO techniques at the same time!

Why should you hire us?

When you're in this business as long as we are, you hear horror stories from clients every day about their past experiences with other companies. We would just like to make the following statements to those who are wondering what sets us aside from other SEO companies:

We know our way around programming languages! Unlike many other SEO firms who only employ telemarketers and salespeople (but no skilled webmasters), there is virtually no chance we will damage your website code when we work on it. (and we make complete backups before we even start!)

We have hands on experience working with a wide variety of website programming languages including HTML, SQL, PHP, PERL, CGI, Java, and more. We would never dream of letting anyone but a skilled web designer touch a clients' website! We don't have salespeople or other non-technical employees either. We don't need them. 100% of our business comes from word of mouth from happy customers, and search engine traffic!

We are also happy to work alongside your existing web design firm. We always look forward to meeting and working with other professionals in our industry.

Last but not least, unlike other SEO companies, we don't need to cold call or market our SEO services, other than on this page right here - our websites and our happy clients who tell others about our services are the ONLY advertising force we need.

Ask yourself this: would you hire someone who is so ineffective at online marketing, that they have to cold call you on the telephone and beg for your business because their website isn't bringing them any business? What kind of SEO firm is unable to bring in customers from search engines? Their job is supposed to be Internet Marketing and increasing your search engine traffic - do you really want someone who can't even bring themselves internet business, to be the people in charge of your online marketing campaign?

If you found this website, and are reading this page, then our "Internet Only" marketing methods are working! That is the best testimonial of all when you are trying to find an internet marketing company who really knows what they're doing.

Contact us for a free quote today! You'll be glad you did!

Search Engine Marketing  What is Online Marketing, and how can it help a website?

Online Marketing, by our definition, is everything that goes into making a website successful online. A huge part of that is the search engines. However, there are alot of other steps along the road to having a great website.

Traditional print, radio, and television marketing still has it's place, and will not be going away any time soon. But the saavy marketer knows that the Internet is a fantastic way to market your products and services online, at a fraction of the cost. Yes, sometimes it really is advisable to pay triple digits or more for a billboard advertisement for your business or website. If you can afford to do so, great! But most small and medium sized businesses cannot afford these things, and need to be more creative.

Many people completely overlook the value of the Internet as an advertising medium in it's own right. Before you take out a hefty business loan for those radio ads and billboards, why not check out some of your other options?

Every website that we design is highly optimized for both real people and search engines. Our customers' websites tend to do very well in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Dogpile, Altavista, Excite, and many other search engines and directories. This absolutely is not by accident.

We have over 12 years of in-depth experience with designing quality websites which are not only attractive to people, but to search engine robots as well. We use strict HTML 4.0 code, as well as PHP/SQL, PERL/CGI, Java, Javascript, and other current programming languages, in order to create amazing, interactive websites that are destined to do well in the search engines.

Our proprietary online marketing methods have not only stood the test of time, but they have evolved with the search engines throughout the years. So many companies will offer "overnight results" for big money - but most people who have tried these types of tactics know that whatever success these methods have, if any at all, doesn't last.

The truth is that only legitimate way to rank highly in search engines consistently for years to come, is by using all of the correct methods over time.

Our motto is "If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Right". The most important ingredient for a successful online business is building a website that is easy to use, and contains useful, well thought out information.


Search Engine Optimization  Banner Advertising, Link Exchanges, Classified Advertising, Mailers, Flyers, Business Cards, Brochures, Flash Movies, Flash Intros, and more!

Just as in the Brick and Mortar advertising world, you must set yourself apart from the competition and catch people's attention and interest long enough to make each sale. Just having a website is not enough. If the search engines don't list you, and no other websites link to you, and you don't make a point of telling your customers about your website, then how will your potential customers know that you exist? The answer lies in Online Marketing!

You must keep updating and evolving your marketing strategies to keep your customers coming back. We live in a world where everyone is constantly trying to sell us something, and we quickly become immune to many forms of advertising because there is simply so much of it. We are bombarded by billboards, newspaper and magazine ads, radio ads, flyers, posters, signs, and other types of advertisements in the physical world, and on the internet, we are assaulted by huge neon flashing popups, popunders, popovers, and SPAM.

If you want more visitors, you have to let people know you exist, and not just by "conventional" means such as traditional print, radio, newspaper, and billboard advertising, which can often be prohibitively expensive.

Contact Us today for a free quote. You'll be glad you did!

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