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  Green Web Design is a woman-owned business
Green Web Design is owned by Jessica Struzik, a programmer, web developer, and online marketing professional who has been a computer geek since the day she first laid eyes on one. Her love affair with computers began in 1985, when she was 8 years old, and received a Commodore 64 for Christmas. She tossed Barbie and Ken aside without a second thought, and immediately started learning to use basic (with a little help from Commodore Magazine). The rest, as they say, is history... or herstory...
Jessica Franke, 31337 Computer Geek Extraordinaire

Green Web Design is a small local family owned and operated business that provides personal service to our clients, anywhere in the world. I work from my home office in Wisconsin.

I began Green Web Design as a "nights and weekends" venture in 1995, while I was going to college for Environmental Science. However, my love of computers actually goes back to my childhood. I was in the gifted student program at my grade school, where we were lucky enough to take a few classes each day entirely in the computer lab. As you may imagine, gaining access to a computer at home when I was 8 years old was a dream come true.

A few years later, I began borrowing my cousin's commodore 128 after he got a much faster computer. Eventually, I got a secondhand Apple IIE; after that, a long series of secondhand IBM and Compaq 286's, 386's, and 486's, bought from a local college for $25 each, which I learned a lot from. And later still, my friends taught me how to build a computer starting from an empty case, and I began custom building my own PCs from scratch, for myself and for clients.

Through all of these years, I also worked other jobs. In my teens and early 20's, I waitressed. A lot. Later, I worked in Tech Support for ExecPC in New Berlin, WI. After that, I worked for as a database analyst for a software company. And in 2005, I decided to go full time with Green Web Design.

Today, I have over 24 years of computer-related experience, and many happy customers. A large number of my clients are in the greater Milwaukee and Waukesha areas in Wisconsin, but I happily accept clients from anywhere in the USA. Some of my current clients are as far and wide as New York, Oregon, New Hampshire, California, and Arizona, to name a few.

Most of my business comes from word of mouth and online advertising. I don't advertise in the phone book, on billboards, or other expensive mediums. I also don't believe in what I call "intrusive marketing" - I don't hire telemarketers, employ cold-calling techniques, or do any kind of email based advertising. My main focus, for myself and my customers, is Internet Advertising.

Jessica Franke, Computer Geek Extraordinaire

The first part of my job is to assist clients with registering their domain names, choosing a web hosting plan, SSL certificate, and other services if they are required, and a plethora of related details. I do Website Design, as well as oversee all SEO and Online Marketing related aspects of design. I perform Keyword Research, create sitemaps, analyze data gathered by the team, and perform other duties too numerous to list.

My father provides Merchant Account Services, as well as a Secure Payment Gateway with Fraud Barricaide, and other related services to clients who would like to accept credit cards on their website. Merchant Accounts and Secure Credit Card Processing services can be set up for any size business. Whether you need processing for the e-Commerce website you just launched, for a retail store in the local strip mall, or for your booth at the local flea market, Brian can get you started!

Group Shot

I also have several talented partners who I collaborate with for personal and business projects. For example, Billie Hawkins from Soniq Designs in Denver, Colorado provides website design, programming, and other related services, and Jay Selthofner from Selthofner Consulting in Green Lake, Wisconsin can assist with a wide variety of things including business plans, fundraising, sales training, political campaigns, tabling at events, and more. No matter how big or small your project is, Green Web Design, often with help from family and friends, can get any size job done.

I work out of my home-based office, which means that my clients receive the highest quality of customer service at great prices. I can, and often do, work around the clock, 7 days a week. I don't keep a set schedule unless we have a meeting or appointment, so it's not unusual to get an email reply from me at 3am when you have a question or problem.

Because I don't want to interfere with visitors who might be shopping or navigating your website during peak hours, any major testing and/or uploading of files is done third shift. This way, clients' websites don't experience any downtime or slowed responses during peak business hours, creating a better experience for your customers. I go above and beyond for my clients because I appreciate their business and have a passion for perfection. My clients enjoy the attention to detail and dedication put into their projects.

I have long-standing relationships with several trusted professional people and organizations who bring a variety of skills to the table. These services include, but aren't limited to, professional photography, graphic design, print marketing, software design, database related functions, and more. No matter what your project entails, if I don't offer a particular service, I probably know someone who does that I can refer you to.

My specialty is building low-bandwidth, search engine optimized web sites that are attractive, fast loading, and easy for your users to navigate, no matter what their skill level or their modem speed.

My business model is simple: "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right." After all, if you look good, then I look good too!

In addition to my web development and website design services, I also own and operate a popular free online classifieds website, which my clients enjoy using to showcase their products and services. Basic ads are free, or choose from several affordable upgrades to make your ad stand out! 50 States Classifieds is designed to get your products and services the attention they deserve, every step of the way!

The bottom line: From building a compliant, fast loading website, to effective, low cost advertising solutions for small businesses and startups who are operating on a shoestring budget - we can assist you every step of the way.

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