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Custom Flyer Design Services are $35 per hour. I will create a custom flyer for your business, event, band, or any other reason you may need a flyer. I have professional licensed software which includes fonts, graphics, and other elements. This does not include graphic design. You may provide me with your logo and any other specific graphics you want to use, as well as the wording you would like to use.

This does not include the cost of printing.

For this service, I will use licensed professional software to design a custom Flyer for your business, event, band, festival, baby shower, family reunion, corporate retreat, or whatever it is that you’d like to promote.

After I design your flyer, I can set up the printing for you if needed using one of my trusted vendors. Which vendor I use will depend on what type of options  you need.

Upon completion,  you will be provided with high quality digital files of your flyer in several formats. Files will be a minimum of 5000 pixels and larger to ensure high quality printing. You will receive PNG, JPG, SVG, and Print-Ready CMYK PDF files.

You can use these files on your website, social media, and other places around the web to promote yourself.

I will be asking you the following questions so that I can understand what kind of custom banner design you need.

01. How would you describe your business and what it does?

02. What is the exact wording and punctuation for your business name, band name, organization name, or etc, as you want it displayed on your flyer?

03. Do You Have a Tagline or Motto that you want to try to incorporate?

04. Do you have specific colors or images you need to use in the flyer design? If so, do you have the html color codes or a sample image that I can pull those colors from?

05. Feel free to send examples of aesthetics that you like, so that I can understand what you envision for your custom design. If you don’t have any particular ideas, I would be glad to come up with ideas for you based on your answers to the above questions.

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