WordPress Website Refreshment


Do you have an outdated WordPress website? Even if I didn’t design your WordPress website, you can still hire me to refresh it for you!

Let me check your website for typos, broken links, missing images or files, outdated information, plugin updates, security patches waiting to be applied, and more!

Even if your website doesn’t change much throughout the year, you may want to double check the information, links, and other content from time to time.

It could be that some of the resources you were linking to are outdated. This could result in broken links, broken images, and missing files.

Or, perhaps you have a new logo, headshot, or company photos that you want to update.

There are other little details, like the copyright year in the footer of your website. Or double checking to make sure that your contact information and contact forms are up to date.

What is Included?

  1. I will fix any typos or spelling errors I find.
  2. I’ll fix any broken links I find.
  3. I can replace broken images, or add new pictures, files, and other media as needed.
  4. I will check your copyright statement date in the footer, as well as look for anything else that is out of date.
  5. I will run all WordPress core updates, plugin updates, security patches, and etc. that may be waiting to be applied.
  6. I may install plugins that are helpful to the design, maintenance, or security of the website with your permission.
  7. If I set up your Opt-Out Policy and Terms of Use with Complianz, I will run the wizard again (this should be done at least once per year at minimum).
  8. I may make a variety of other minor changes according to the rules of good website design.


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